​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every Saturday Evening 6:30 PM:

Mastery of Like Group

The alternative or supplement to church             Let your voice be heard!
You are cordially invited to participate in a lively and stimulating open forum discussion with YOUR chosen topics, designed to assist you in living a life of mastery. You will be honored and empowered to share your thoughts as you, in turn, learn from others.

Drinks and snacks plus child care are provided. (Please RSVP with age of child.)

Cost: None, other than what you can afford and on the value you receive.
Facilitator: Jonathan Mathews, author of “Divine Mastery”, Your Guide to Living the Life God Intended. Books available for only $6.00 each or less, depending on your ability to pay. (also from Amazon)       

Some suggested Topics for Discussion:

  • topics from book, “Divine Mastery”
  • dating, marriage, and relationship issues
  • parenting
  • entertainment
  • economics…..budgeting
  • travel
  • schooling
  • housing….roommates…..co housing…..intentional communities
  • religion
  • personal spiritual growth
  • food and healthy diets
  • employment or problems at work
  • meditation and prayer
  •  what doesn’t work well in my life
  • Do you have a calling?
  • intuition and dreams
  • the power of intention
  • overindulging in sports, especially spectating. (separation occurs with winning and losing, make the decision  that “humanity is my home team” 
  • Involvement in division between nations, religions, and different cultures
  • overindulging in patriotism or Democrat verses Republican (us vs. them)
  • Add yours below:

​Every Thursday Evening 7PM:

The Way of Mastery

​For those who are ready to be serious about accelerating their spiritual growth, this channeled book contains the official extraordinary and transformational teachings of Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus), who speaks not as a savior above us, but as a brother and friend. This book is very practical and an easy read. It is about personal transformation for these times, RIGHT NOW. This is a group where walk-ins are always welcomed. 
 Your facilitator, Jonathan Mathews is a writer of short and practical spiritual and phycological essays designed to help people gain true peace, joy, and wisdom in their everyday life. 

​Offered by your love offering.

Every Sunday 3:30 PM: Agape Church

Hi, my name is Rev. Donnie Christopher.  I pastor Agape Christian Church. We are very delighted to be worshiping in the main Sanctuary at Foothills Spiritual Center. We are a whosoever church which just means we love everyone and do not judge.
We have our worship service at 3:30 pm every Sunday. You will find a warm welcome with lots of hugs and smiles. We are a spirit filled church which just means we worship outwardly; we clap, sing loud, and raise our hands in praise to God. So come and check us out and join our worship. Find us on Facebook: Agape Knoxville Christian Church. Hope to see you soon.  Pastor Donnie Christopher  

Every Sunday and Monday  6:30 PM:

Karaoke at its Finest!

Now you can enjoy karaoke in a smoke-free and alcohol-free environment.

Professionally produced, plus song books with all of your favorite songs.

Includes free drinks and snacks.

Tip jar provided.

For a free practice sessions at your convenience, just call Jonathan for an appointment. 865-980-8420